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I finally have all the music shown in this thread. When it is back, will edit points be listed as well? I can't find an actual reference recording anywhere and I would like my personal edit to be as close as possible to the original.

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When it is back, will edit points be listed as well?

It's back. Formatted for new Playlist Manager and with updated links. 😎 Sorry, though, no specifics as to where some of the tracks were edited. As is true for many loops, there is really no way to put together a completely accurate reproduction without a reference recording in hand. You're much better off with our playlists, though, than you'd be over on YouTube, where everyone just conveniently leaves out any tracks they aren't able to swipe from somewhere on the internet. 😦


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Thanks for bringing it back. And yes, my quest to find an induction recording will likely be futile but at least I can try. And no, I would never trust youtube. 😋