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Hello Everyone

My wife and me are trying to track down a sound track that would have been used in the entrance around epcot and into communicor around 1997.This was sold in the gift stores at the time and I'm trying to find it for sale somewhere to surprise her.I beleive it had quite a bit of keyboard and synthesizer.Any helpwould be greatly appreciated.

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Wow, I'm not aware of any EPCOT Area Music that was sold commercially, at least not Original Music. I know most if not all of what played around teh big Innoventions fountain was from other CD's. I don't have those exact titles right now but perhaps someone could list them here.

How long would you say this piece is you're looking for? If it's the whole area loop it's probably anywhere from 30-60 minutes and I know those are Original pieces that Disney owns but sadly doesn't sell. The fountain pieces were all smaller, just a couple of minutes.


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I'm not to sure about length.I do know we heard it from the ticket booths all the way into communicor east and west.We used to sit under the speakers and listen.I'm not sure if it would make a difference but I remember this mostly at night or late afternoon.We bought the tapeand it got lost in a move without being listened to.The employee in the store told us that this was the music played in communicore(the reason we bought) I was hoping the clerk new what they were talking about??Maybe it was just someother type of music.I was hoping not.Did they make any more of those official Epcot albums in that time frame it might be on?

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Dear Jeff,
I wonder if you're thinking of "Energy" from the Epcot entrance medley.You can find a sample here.It's track number 13:

There's never too much music from Epcot on the official
WDW albums,but this track was released.This selection was part of a much longer medley which was never officially released.
If you heard the music at the ticket booth,I would doubt
that it was from Innoventions plaza,but I may be wrong.


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Try downloading "Innoventions Plaza" and "Innoventions Area" from

It may be what you are asking about.



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thaks for the replys everyone

The energy songis one of the songs we are lookng for.

I couldn't get on to the soundofmagic site it just sat there with its front page andwouldn't let me goany farther?????

we'll try it again later.


Glad I could help you find the music.If you get into sound of magic,the only track on the Epcot page that's from the original entrance music is "Magic Journeys".
Unfortunately, "Energy" isn't on the current WDW official album.It was on many previous albums.