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as the subject already says I'll annoy you with my personal comments on TDR CDs in this thread which are not all new, so have been mentioned on this site already in the past. Nevertheless maybe some of the comments are of interest if you plan on ordering some TDR CDs - or at least are good for a nice discussion. So let's finally start!

Cinderellabration: Lights of Romance 2005

I never saw Cinderellabration but I just LOVE this recording. Great orchestral recording with a minimum of talking and singing only. I just ordered the WDW CD for comparision reasons. In the meantime this CD is in heavy rotation here.

As far as I know there is a total of four different official recordings of Cinderellabration currently: Tokyo 1991, Tokyo 2003, Tokyo 2005, WDW 2005. The 1991 version is available on the 10CD set Treasures of Fantasy Dreams & Adventures (which is still available in countless shops of the resort, two years after its release).

Does anyone have any information on the 1991 version? What was it like? There is a show and a parade track on ToF, so I assume it was a castle show maybe. The recording is by far less lush orchestra wise than the 2005 version, which I prefer. I guess I now need to find the 2003 release from TDR...

Tokyo Disney Sea Aquasphere Theme Music

Great instrumental CD from 2002 - even so I did spend some time around the Aquasphere I am still not sure though, whether the two tracks (daytime and nighttime) are the complete loop. Still another favorite CD of mine that I got in TDR.


The nighttime spectacular of TDS really won me over. The two spirits of water and fire are just great. I did love their decision to go away from the usual Disney material and come up with something not centered around known Disney characters. The fire dragon is just really impressive and I think really fitting to the clear line and style of the show, because it is such a bare steal skeleton instead of a comic or typical fantasy character. It's movements are really well done. The Japanese really seem to be into this "two spirits of nature" story line, the "Mystic Rhythms" show is based on the same idea (even so done totally different).

The score is really beautiful, but I think they could have skipped Mickey in the opening. While his "float" is really good looking, he does not really fit into the overall show. But havening listened to the great score on the CD at home it seems to me that the amount of speaking he does nowadays during the show is less than on the CD. Or do my memories play tricks on me? Well, the CD is one of my favorites from TDR anyway - just a great score by Gavin Greenaway.

Can't we get a copy of that show for ... hmmm ... Lake Disney at Disneyland Resort Paris?

Blazing Rhythms 2005

I wasn't sure what to expect from that show. First day in TDL we did NOT win the lottery so had to watch the show from outside the seating area and found a place at the far end of Central Plaza. Turned out it was not so bad. While the original Blazing Rhythms featured Mickey on a special part of the stage in front of the castle and fire effects coming out of that stage surrounding Mickey's Tower in the meantime Mickey is stationed on a float just like all other characters. So while you will not see much of Mickey if you are standing somewhere not facing the Castle, you get another character, which is fine too.

The music once again is featuring exotic, hot, south american rhythms and therefore does not seem too much Disney like - but it works great!

1. Parade In
Dance Your Heart Away
2. Show 1
Light up the Sky
3. Show 2
Dance Your Heart Away
4. Show 3
5. Parade Out
Dance Your Heart Away

The whole thing is more like an extended show stop of a parade than a typical stage show. But then this is fitting for this very much "happening" like explosion of music and fun. The fire effects are rather impressive, the fireworks above the castle just some minor accents, but this again fits well with the overall event.

The show again features what I got the impression is the "Tokyo Mickey" - way more active, jumping around (even so it was sweltering hot and humid as every summer in Japan) and more like a rock star, directing everything around him. The US / and Paris Mickey is more subtle, laid back less outgoing, less pop star like. But somehow I think the Tokyo Mickey works even better in a theme park, as he is more agile, offers more to watch in a show / parade and gives the creative team more freedom what he could / should do besides standing still and winking.

We were lucky winning the lottery on our second day in TDL and got to see the show / parade in front of the castle for a second time - and it was great. The rhythms really get you and their play with the fire on the floats is really good. Unfortunately we will never see anything like this in any other Disney park, if only because it lives by the huge amount of dancers that transport the fun into the audience and add the vibrant background necessary.

In the meantime this is another Cd in heavy rotation now at my home.

One last comment on the CD though. It features a photo of Mickey on his float in front of the castle (of which only some low level rockwork can be seen) his arms stretched out as front cover. While TDR releases countless CDs, I got the impressions the design of the covers is of minor interest. At least for the more recent releases it is often a not really sharp / not color adjusted / sometimes grany shot taken at some point of the show. This comes as a surprise for me, as in all other areas so much energy is spend on great packing of the merchandise. But hey, who am I to complain? After all TDR releases all its stuff, something WDW / DL / DLRP never do.

One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives On

The first show I saw in Tokyo Disneyland - and what a show! Stunning really BIIIIIIIG cast which nevertheless was very talented. IT just blew me away ... nothing else to say ... just great memories ... which certainly are helped by the CD released last year already. While all 9 tracks are great the Villains medley (track 4) with its added, pushing pop beats is just marvellous.

OK, there is no connection to the title "One Man's Dream" but it is a great selection of Disney songs at wonderful scenes ranging from exciting (the Villains), to romantic and elegant (the princesses), adventurous (the Pirates - with the great Tic Toc!) and comical (Filmstudio). Dazzling costumes, special effects, a huge chorus line. WOW!

On CD the music is great, even so not as good as in the theater as the visuals are missing and therefore the fact that there is quite a bit of Japanese is way more obvious on the CD.

One question though: was there every anything like a English only release of the theme song? The CD only features a bi-lingual version, the same is true for the song as released on ToF from the original version of the show. But I know that Disneyland Paris last christmas season used a version of that song in its ceremony for the illumination of the castle. Anyone?

OK, that's it for the first round ... guess I take a short break before I come back with the comments on the rest of the CDs.



Hi, Dirk.

Thanks so much for all these updates. To answer one of your questions--yes, there is an english version of the theme song from Disneyland, BUT it was never released. I'm sure you could find it somewhere. I'll keep my eyes open, too.

Thanks again for the updates!