Coming Round the Mountain - Unknown Version


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A long shot, but here goes....

I am trying to determine the track listing for the Garden Grill BGM at EPCOT and I noticed there is a version of "Coming Round the Mountain" that I have not heard before. The only version I know of is the one that plays in the WDW Splash Mountain BGM and the Tokyo Disneyland Critter Country BGM, both using the same version. The version in the Garden Grill BGM starts off with a slow harmonica, whereas the Splash Mountain version has a more fast upbeat harmonica start.

My question is whether anyone knows if any of the non-WDW parks use a version of "Coming Round the Mountain" in an area BGM, and, if so, is it otherwise available.


woody's roundup has one. (not woody's cowboy camp's version. woody's roundup at disneyland uses songs from a cd collection of that style of music and coming round the mountain is one of the songs)