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Can anyone provide any information about the 5 tracks circulating as "Columbia Music" 1-5? They are sea chanteys all sung by what sounds like a quartet. One seemed to be "One More Day"...not sure about the others though the tunes are somewhat familiar. Anyone know from whence they came?


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Hey Bill,

These are the Columbia tracks that I have seen out there. I assume they all came from the Disneyland Forever system. It was really heavy on obscure area music like this, that nobody in particular wanted and short on the higher on demand stuff, though it was a little more evenly mixed than WDWF.

A Long Time Ago (1:31)
An American Frigate (2:08)
Oh Johnny Come To Hilo (2:29)
Blow The Man Down (2:12)
Blow The Man Down (vocal)
Clear The Track (Let The Bulgine Run) (1:25)
Song of the Fishes (2:07)
Drunken Sailor (1:53)
One More Day (1:33)
Haul Boys Haul (2:05)
Song Of The Fishes (1:41)
Whale Of A Tale (1:44)
Rolling Home (1:19)

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I think a few more of these are vocals than I've indicated. I just put vocal on that one to differentiate from the non vocal version. Gimme a bit of time and I'll see if I can figure out which are vocal.
I don't have them at hand, however, I think many of the DL Forever tracks listed under The Coumbia.........and other circulating track sets are a mis-matched combination of The Columbia attraction music--mostly vocals, the Columbia "docked" music (from a 1980's renovation for the Columbia Below Decks exhibit) and the newer EDL 1990's Pirates area music that was also used for the WDW 20,000 Leagues load music replacement...........sometimes some original DL Sub Voyage & WDW Leagues music also gets mixed in here and there with other stuff.

Collectors maked these "Fantasy mixes" then they get out and traded as other stuff then everything historicaly
gets wacked!



Collectors make these "Fantasy mixes" then they get out and traded as other stuff then everything historicaly gets wacked!

Exactly. It's frustrating, because they way they should be heard is as close to the actual experience at the park as possible....

The correct time for the "Docked Seaman" music (which was played as we had the Columbia in Fowler's Harbour, prepping for the day {I used to work it in my pre-college days}) is 14:58.

The correct listing for the Columbia Music proper (the tunes alternated with the "Salty" narration) is:
Blow The Man Down
Clear The Track (Let The Bulgine Run)
Song of the Fishes
Salty narration
One More Day
Salty narration
Rolling Home
Salty narration
Blow Ye Winds?

...and should run about 14:31

As I recall - some of the Disneyland Forever versions of these songs were not the same as the versions played on the attraction - in any case, the cut up tracks took it all out of the original context, and why there were 20K and other tracks mixed in there - I have no idea.

I worked on the DLF project briefly, and I still don't understand how some of the decisions behind what was released were come to...

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Thanks for clearing that up ex-wdi.

Yeah there are enough dishonest/ignorant traders out there without DLForever mislabeleing tracks.
In case no one has pointed it out yet, the quartet singing the Columbia sea chanties is the MelloMen (Thurl Ravenscroft, Bill Lee, Max Smith and Bob Hamlin at the time), and the "salty narration" is our buddy the ubiquitous Dal McKennon. That narration may be about as close to his natural speaking voice.. though not completely.. that you'll hear anywhere.


The Columbia tracks have been a mystery to me. Ex-wdi hits a homerun. The tracks he lists line up with the live recordings I have. However, these tracks are not the tracks I purchased at DLF. Those tracks are instrumentals and don't match the recordings. I assumed that the DLF tracks replaced the mellowmen tracks. Is this the case?


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I came across this question along time ago and found my answer. All of the tracks listed above are on a record/ cd
by Norman Luboff Choir entitled "Songs of the Sea." :)

Blow The Man Down
Clear The Track (Let The Bulgine Run)
One More Day
Rolling Home
Boston come all ye

There all there


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First of all, ex-wdi is right with the track listing. I turned to my live 80s recordings of the Sailing Ship Columbia and the tracks line up exactly.

I discovered a live queue music recording of the Mark Twain/Columbia dock and the DLF "Sailing Ship Columbia tracks" do not play there either. The music that I captured there sounds quite different.

I did find some of the "Sailing Ship Columbia" tracks listed on DLF playing at the Submarine queue with mixed narration by the same person that narrates the voyage. The recording is noisy and yet the music is the DLF tracks. However, I don't think it uses all of the DLF tracks.

The tracks that are identified

1. Whale of A Tale
2. Song #2
3. A Long Time Ago
4. Sailor's Hornpipe
5. Song #5
6. Sailing, Sailing

With the Finding Nemo Attraction coming out and because this is an E-Ticket, I hope Disney will release a CD for this cool attraction which would include the old queue music, queue narration and attraction narration as well as new queue music and sound efx as a nod to a true disneyland classic. I also think by releasing an attraction album dedicated to the submarines that Disney could make up for it's mislabeling error and promote this great attraction even further. Disney has that submarine music and queue narration and could share it with us.

I just ordered the Luboff "Songs of the Sea" CD from Collector's Choice Music. Amazon had a listing that the CD ships in 4 - 6 weeks. I don't want to wait that long. BTW, on, you can listen to track samples from the CD either in Realplayer or Windows Media.


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Paging Bill . . . Bill, check your messages.


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No, the Firehouse 5 tracks play on the Mark Twain. A friend and I were just discussing this. Here's what we figured out. paraphrased:

A) Dock depature:(Jazz:Fire House 5:"Millenburg Joys"
B-1)Frontier tune: name unknown
B-2)Frontier tune: name unknown
B-3)Frontier tune: "Western Saloon"
C) Dock arrival-exit:(Jazz:Fire House 5:"Come Back Sweet Papa")

The above all played on board the Mark Twain. There was also a D) Dock Music.

There was also a sad-slow track that was the "hold" music on the boat when the exit/load took a long time----this was used at least untill the early 90's. This is the track which underscores DLP's Molly Brown(or Mark Twain or possibly both). Those B tracks 1-3 are also used with two others at WDW- they were recorded at the same time. I assume since WDW doesn't have new Orleans Square the 2 Jazz tracks Disneyland uses are replaced with 2 additional Frontier tracks. That B-3 track is a version of the track "Western Saloon" that was once the Disneyland Frontierland entry stocade music---WDW's Frontierland used it in part of there Frontierland area tracks in the 70's & 80's. The track was from The Capitol Records media music series-I've even heard it on Rin & Stimpy.

The above all played on board the Mark Twain. There was also music that played only on the Dock. The Dock music was live with a real band organ in the passenger shelter --- they use a recording of the machine at the passenger pens----in the last year I've heard it playing a few times-most of the time now there is no music----------The passenger pen used some banjo tracks at one time.


Not to drag this too far off-topic, but I just wanted to confirm that the slow music track mentioned by X-S indeed underscores the voyage of both DLP riverboats. The exit music over here is "Milenberg Joys" by the Firehouse Five.


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Thank you X-S for the passenger pen information. The music I hear on my recordings does sound like a band organ. You mentioned that the band organ used to be there. Do you remember it's location? Btw, the information you provided is fantastic.

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That info was all from DL FLIGHT 295, a friend of mine who isn't around this board very much anymore. There have been a couple more topics that could use his input (The Tom Sawyers Island one for one) and I've encouraged him to check in, so we'll see.