Columbia Harbor House


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I have determined the correct track listing for the Columbia Harbor House interior BGM at WDW. However, I am missing a few tracks that I need to reconstruct the full loop. The missing tracks are the same musical style as the old 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea tracks, which used a solo concertina. Can anyone think of a non-WDW park that uses the same type of music? I have already checked a recording of the Fortress Explorations BGM from Tokyo DisneySea. I know that the Cape Cod Area BGM from the American Waterfront from the same park uses tracks that are also in the Columbia Harbor House loop (the "Wind in the Rigging" CD). What I have is an incomplete track listing, so perhaps some of the missing tracks are the same.


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Based on my reference recording, and a track listed generated by WDI, this is the order I came up with, noting those tracks that are unreleased. It is these tracks I am asking about it my first post, and are the same musical style as the WDWF tracks noted below.

For those that know about the transition music that plays between Liberty Square and Fantasyland, track 16 below is included in that BGM (but that's all I know at this point).

01. ?Blow Ye Winds? - The Wind in the Rigging CD (WIR)
02. ?A Roving? - Unreleased
03. ?Away Rio? - WIR
04. ?Asleep In The Deep? - Walt Disney World Forever (WDWF)
05. ?Heave Away? - WIR
06. ?A Long Time Ago? - Unreleased
07. ?Maid Of Amsterdam? - WIR
08. ?The Sailor Likes His Bottle? - Unreleased
09. ?Staten Island Hornpipe? - WIR
10. ?Whale Of A Tale? - WDWF
11. ?Boston Harbor? - WIR
12. ?Round The Corner Sally? - Unreleased
13. ?Black-Eyed Susan? - WIR
14. ?My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean? - WDWF
15. ?Blow The Man Down? - WIR
16. ?Strike The Bell? - WIR
17. ?What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor? - WDWF
18. ?Bound For South Australia? - WIR
19. ?Hanging Johnny? - Unreleased
20. ?Rollin' Down to Old Maui? - WIR
21. ?We Saw The Sea? - Unreleased
22. ?Off To Sea Once More? - WIR
23. ?Heave Away Me Johnnys? - Unreleased
24. ?Ripples of Music? - WIR
25. ?Rio Grand? - Unreleased
26. ?Spanish Ladies/Admiral Benbow? - WIR
27. ?O Johnny, Come To Hilo? - Unreleased
28. ?Leaving of Liverpool? - WIR
29. ?Sailing, Sailing? - WDWF
30. ?Baltimore Clipper? - WIR
31. ?Sailor's Honrpipe? - WDWF
32. ?Shenandoah? - WIR
33. ?Over The Waves? - Unreleased
34. ?Under The Bridge? - WIR
35. ?Sailor's Hymn? - WIR


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I just found a short live recording of the Columbia Harbor House BGM from 1991. This recording uses the WDWF version of "Blow the Man Down," opposed to the Wind in the Rigging version. If this recording is accurate, then it appears that there have been at least two versions of the Columbia Harbor House BGM.

At this point, I may just give up.
WIR = Wind In the Rigging (I assume)

This is a great list. I didn't realize there was a Cape Code area @ Tokyo DisneySea, now I definitely have to get there.