Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost


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Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost is situated in Adventureland and themed as a British Colonial Building built of wooden planks.
Typical of many buildings in Africa and India in the days of Empire and the Raj.
Originally called the Explorer's Club (and then Explorers Club - dropping the apostrophe when they changed from Table to counter service around 1993/4) and commemorating the days of Dr Livingstone and other famous explorers (which explains why something now called "Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost" (1995 onwards) has a large painting of a polar bear on one wall.
The interior is decorated with many antique items (including a rickshaw and snowshoes) hanging from the roof. The main eating area has a central tree built into it (not a real one) which is quite a sight (including some animatronic toucans).
This loop has been collected by @needmagic (live recording) and repeats after around 30 minutes (30:03).
@wedroy1923 was able to place them in logical order (ie starting with the overture) and identify the edited soundtrack versions.
Thanks to both for completing this loop.
DLRP were unable to provide an official listing for this loop (see below).
The loop was altered to include the Jungle Book tracks when the restaurant changed its name from the Explorers Club Restaurant (table service) to Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost (fast food) back in Circa 1995. All the non-Jungle Book tracks listed played (along with others) at the Explorer Club and were retained for the "new" loop and the Jungle Book tracks added to reflect the new name and change from table service to counter service (a little more "upbeat" and more suitable for children)and the reference to the Disney film "The Jungle Book". The length also changed from around one hour to half the length. Tracks 2-8 are part of the original loop.
This amalgamation of tunes may explain why they are now unable to provide a current playlist.
Unfortunately, I have no live recordings from the original Explorer's Club and, after such a long time, it's unlikely we will able to produce an original track listing for it. It also appears that, for the first year, a more ethnic loop was playing including the track Tep Menoram - track 10 from the Journee CD during the time of the Table Service. @Ric92ardo has provided a playlist of the very first ethnic loop which can be found here Explorers Club in Jay's playlists. For continuity, the listing posted by @Ric92ardo in the comments is listed after the current loop.
Thanks to @DavidG and @Filmographik for identifying some of these (see comments below).

Length 30:03

01/ Jungle Book overture (soundtrack) 2:31

02/ The Hunter's Joy: Theresien-Fanfare - Jaqdmusik - Hunting Music - Parforcehorn Corps Noderstect
(edited to remove pauses) 1:09

03/ Colonel Hathi's March (soundtrack - edited) 0:58

04/ The Bare Necessities (Instrumental) 3:52

05/ Colonel Bogey - Famous marches - Black Dyke Mills Band 3:17

06/ Onward Christian Soldiers - Famous marches - Black Dyke Mills Band 2:43

07/ RAF March Past "March Past of the Royal Air Force (1990 Digital Remaster)" 2:58

08/ Cossack Patrol (Known by many other names including Polyushko Pole, Plain, my plain, Cavalry of the Steppes and Meadowland) - Original Hits - Military Bands (The Band of HM Royal Marines)
Note: recent Compilation album of earlier releases. 3:07

09/ Colonel Hathi's March (as 03 but slightly smaller) 0:55

10/ Jungle Beat (soundtrack) 1:17

11/ Trust in Me 2:08

12/ I Wanna Be Like You (Instrumental) 4:22