Club 33 Website?


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I just a few weeks ago discovered the Club33 website, then I go to download some tracks and I find that they are dummy links. I know it's my own fault because I didn't read the home page first but I just wondered, since it was a "test site", did the owner of the site ever get around to opening the proper site with proper download links?



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I discovered that website a few years ago. However when I saw the day it last got updated, I realized it wouldn't be worth my time to keep checking back. :)

I believe the webmaster participated much in the audio community (he was responsible for a number of mixes and edits you may have, which turned out great) but I believe he had some circumstances that made him too busy to be an active member and has ceased his involvement in the community (to my knowledge, at least.) I also think he got fed up with the same lying/audio scamming crap that goes on, but I'm not close to the situation; perhaps someone else can elaborate or clarify.

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I believe that site was started by sds910. It hasn't been updated in many years and I don't believe the links were ever active. I still visit it every now and again, it's a great reference of some of the older park albums.