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A huge shot in the dark here...but does anyone happen to know the music that plays inside Club 33, if there is any? According to the listing, the Club 33 songs on DLF were hardly used at all, except to solicit the purchasing of the files.

Anybody know?


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1. You can fly
2. So this is love
3. Yo ho
4. Part of your world
5. Second star to the right
6. Little April showers
7. Lavender blue
8.In a world of my own
9. It's a small world
10. Grim grinning ghosts
11. Feed the birds
12. Belle notte
13. golden afternoon
14. Alice in Wonderland

Club 33

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From my experience the music from DLF does not play in Club 33. Last time I was there the music sounded like the Fairytale Weddings album, however they play it very quietly and no music plays in the dining rooms.