Climb the Mountain - on vinyl?

"Climb the Mountain" is the catchy little tune whistled by James MacArthur and Janet Munro in "Third Man on the Mountain" - - and was also performed (with lyrics) at the opening ceremonies for Disneyland's Matterhorn.

Curiously for the era, I can find no mention of this tune as a Disneyland/Vista single, from Camarata or otherwise. Usually these key themes turned up somewhere.

Can anyone confirm whether or not this song ever made it to vinyl in any form?

Camarata's recording of Climb the Mountain was released by Vista as a 45 rpm, F-352, in November 1959.

I have a broken copy, sadly, as the online seller I ordered it from neglected to pack it well, so the mailman snapped it right in two. I just look at it and sigh...

What a hideous tragedy! There aren't enough surviving copies to break one... Hope you properly scolded the seller.

But thanks for letting me know there definitely was a single - - I knew Camarata had to have done it. For the life of me I couldn't find it in the reference book. One more to scout out for my collection - - I'm getting down to about a dozen DL/Vista tracks I still really need/want.
It is listed in Mike Murrays "Golden Age of Walt Disney Records" in the 45rpm section.

I also agree, what a loss! I am sure not many of these remain and are difficult to find.

BTW, which ones are you still in the hunt for?



This is way OT and all, and I really know nothing about this, since I have next-to-no vinyl, but...if it is just snapped in two, and not into a zillion pieces, can it be repaired? It seems like there are restoration experts for just about anything these days...just a thought...
I'm sure it COULD be repaired with glue or epoxy, but you'd always have an obvious flaw (skip), not to mention damage to the stylus from playing such a disc. Usually just a crack in the record will play properly (with obvious pops and skips), but if the disc has completely broken into two pieces, it's best to store it in your circular file cabinet (trash bin) and seek out another copy. :'(
Merlin et al,

What a nice list of Vista singles you'd like to hear!

If I had my druthers, I'd like Randy Thornton to put together a compilation of "obscure" 45 singles from the live-action films that we never get to hear. One of the critera would be that the material has NEVER been released to CD.

Some of the previous boxed compilation sets have included a few songs from the live-action films, i.e., "Whale of a Tale" or "Old Yeller," etc., but it would be neat to have so many of the rare Vista 45s never before released...

And on a slightly related note, it's a terrible shame that the musical scores to "Song of the South," "Perri," and "The Sword in the Stone" were nominated for ACADEMY AWARDS and yet we can't listen or enjoy them on CD!

That's why they'll have to pry my vinyl from the dead, cold fingers!
>>I was wondering if you were the person who had purchased the copy of "These are the Best Times" from eBay. (see separate posting)...Now I know that you aren't. (Neither am I....sigh) I'm just glad that there are other old fogeys (sorry) out there who still like the old live action themes.