Circle-Vision music

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Hey there,

Is anyone familiar with the following instrumental cues? I'm wondering which film(s) they accompanied, years used, etc.

Circle-Vision Lobby Music 1 2:00
Circle-Vision Lobby Music 2 3:43
Circle-Vision Lobby Music 3 2:08
Circle-Vision Lobby Music 4 3:10
Circle-Vision Lobby Music 5 1:36

The above cues sound like muzak to me, basically classic elevator music...

Also, there seem to be three cues related to American Journeys:

Circle-Vision American Journeys load #1 1:57
Circle-Vision American Journeys load #2 1:53
Circle-Vision American Journeys load #3 1:47

Cues 1 and 2 are built around the American Journeys theme composed by Basil Poledouris. The first and second versions are close variants of each other, with the first much heavier on synths. The third cue isn't related thematically to the first two, but sounds like it could be the work of Poledouris, and is a cut above the Lobby Music files mentioned above.

And while I'm at it, there is also

Circle-Vision WC load music 2:19

...apparently from Wonders of China.

I would appreciate any additional light you guys and gals can shed on this topic! :)

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CV Lobby Music # 5 is truncated (there should be more of it). I was only aware of one American Journeys Load piece (1:57); that's neat that there are others out there-I love that theme.

Not sure if the Wonders of China Music was actually used as Load or not but it's the same theme that's in the film.

And from a couple of old posts here's more than you ever wanted to know about CV Audio (thanks to the sources, Jason and any one else who contributed):

There were two other Disneyland Circle-Vision shows:

A Tour of the West
America the Beautiful (several versions)

Other audio that probably exists including the pre- and post-show areas:

The Talk Song from the '67 refurb
Reach Out and Touch Someone
All Because Man Wanted to Fly Pre-Show
Delta Magic Murals
Lobby Music
Bell Telephone Characther Phone
Probably some queue announcements

There's a good chance there's audio represented here that I don't know about... Circle-Vision existed in some form for 27 years before I was born!


"One forgotten Cirlclevision film is "Portraits of Canada". It was produced by Disney for Vancouver's Expo 86 but also ran at EPCOT's Canada Pavilion late 86, early 87 as an intended replacement for O Canada. It proved to be less popular with the crowds however, and O Canada was reinstated."