Cinemagique score?

Dr. Know

Does anyone have any information on the apparently amazing score by Bruce Broughton for Cinemagique? Has any of this music been released? Anyone know of plans for an official release?

I understand the music is fantastic -- its a shame there is no way to hear it, since I don't have any plans to be in Paris anytime soon.... ???

X-S Tech

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I've heard a live recording and it is pretty cool. Even just the theme would be nice. I suspect there may be some legal issues as a lot of the score for the film weaves into familiar movie tunes (ie Star Wars etc...). But here's hoping.


***little spoilers about the scenes of cinamgique coming... very little though ;) ***

well... Broughton uses bits from lots of movies like "Les Paraplus des cherbourg (or something like that)", "Gone with the wind, tara's theme", the theme from "the good the bad and the ugly", the harmonica theme from "once upon a time in the west", step in time from "mary poppins", "pinocchio", "Star wars", "some like it hot" and "hunt for red october". I'm not sure about the last 2 tracks though..
I dont know for sure, but I think the other bits are especially written for the movie (that is the ragtime orchestra in the beginning, the Western theme and the Titanic scene). ohyeah, and then there's the knight fight... dont know if that's from a movie or not.

and to give you a sneakpeak of the best part af the whole attraction.. I do have a bad recording of the western theme by Broughton...

Dr. Know

Thanks for the info, Max, and that clip is really tantalizing. Sounds like the best of Broughton's Silverado score. Why oh why oh why does none of his park music get released?? ???