Cinderella's Surprise Celebration


Hi all!! Long time no type! :)

As dumb as it sounds, I *love* Cinderella's Surprise Celebration. :D I started working at WDW on the College Program a month and a half ago, and I do a lot of "Glow" sales and selling Squeeze Breezes at carts int he Hub, so I see it many times a day. It's kind of grown on me now. I know all the dances, sing all the songs... Generally act like a dork. ;) Anyways, I know it's one that I'll remember because I see it so much. I want a copy of the music for me to remember it, but I know it's not on any of the park CDs (seeing as how it's a relatively new show).. does anyone know if there's any copies of it floating around the net, maybe as an mp3? Even just the song from the beginning/end?



Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

first of all: sorry kirsten, I don't have any recording of the soundtrack either (even so I would love to).

But: I wanted to raise my voice for this show too: even so I only seen it once complete (and a few bits while walking around) I really love that show. It has an acceptable story, is fun, has some great songs and makes clever use of the unique setting the stage provides. Everything fits and I think it is one of the few recent Disney shows that manages to entertain all ages. Please: release it on CD.

Even so I never thought I would say this but: Anne Hamburger got something really, really right here!

More shows like that - at least if you ask me!