Cinderella's Golden Carousel - the Problem of Fades


Playlist Author
Hello Everyone,

I am trying (once again) to put my Cinderella's Golden Carousel tracks together into a loop - but those darn early (and I mean early) fades are a real problem. I have tried cutting and pasting pieces to create some conclusion on the tracks but this has only ended in unacceptable cut offs.

Any suggestions? Anybody have advice on getting rid of the fades? Any great technological tool I am not aware of that could solve my problem? Perhaps I am not really seeking a solution - maybe I am just needing to vent!

It's really hard. I would try mixing the end of one song with the start of another (i.e. fade it in).

You can try to select each main part that fades and pull up the volume. It's worked (mostly) for me when trying to make a Splash Mountain exit track...

Good luck!