Cinderella's Golden Carousel - question


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Hello All:

I was wasting time, looking at youtube videos, and I ran across a clip that included Cinderella's Golden Carousel at the Magic Kingdom circa 1987. The music seemed to be the Fantasyland Band Organ loop from Disneyland, as I recognized the "Mickey and Friends" track.

Does anyone have any information regarding the use of that loop at the Magic Kingdom? How long was it used? Was there a prior loop?

Any information is appreciated!



and on that note is the music at DL the same now that king arthur's carousel reopened from its unannounced refurb? i hadn't paid enough attention to it beforehand but i guess it had been playing the loop made for hong kong recently, but something sounded weird and more authentic about a track i herad walking by it the other night and even stopped to listen to the whole thing. it sounded like an old track from the forever system but i thought those tracks were gone now.