Cinderellabration - Tokyo DLand 2006


Hi there,

Does anyone know if the Tokyo Disneyland Cinderellabration cd for this year, 2006, has anything new on it?

or is it the same exact music from the pervious cd releases?



I also order from cdjapan through email in a 'Special Request' order. I look through their japanese site (neowing), and then email in the numbers I want. It has worked alot and well, but recently I have hit a snag.

Just the other day, I tried to special order Disney Princess Days 2006, Cinderellabration 2006, and Rhythms of the World 2006. They replied with
"We have looked into them, but none of our
suppliers carry the items, and they are
not available for ordering through us."

Yet, I saw them available to order through their japanese site, and this is the first time I have ever hit a snag like this with them. Usually I do what you do, but it doesn't seem to be working.
Have you tried ordering from them lately?

I may have to use


Yes, I did give them the catalog numbers along with the appropriate title.

The three I requested were all shown as being available on the japanese version of their site- neowing.
so, they are shown there.
I do exactly what you do, and it has worked everytime but now. and I know these discs have been released.

I will try them one more time. if it doesn't work, I will have to use amazon.japan.

I just requested the order a few days ago.

Disneyfanatic- could you possible post the email address you use to contact them at cdjapan?

i was using


Well DisneyFanatic, you won't believe this.

I believe trying to order Tokyo Disney Resort cds from CDJapan is not going to work any longer for anyone.

Here is the response they sent me back:

Hi. Thank you for visiting CDJapan.

We afraid those items cannot be exported
to overseas based on the distributor's

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Best Regards,
Mitsuhiro Denno

I just don't get it. Why would they not want people willing to spend their money to buy their product.
I hope this doesn't happen with other places like amazon japan, or I fear there may be no way to order our TDR music anymore.

I suggest you try requesting something, and see what they respond back with.

I am off to try ordering from amazon japan.