Cinderella "So This is Christmas" Read-Along

Please forgive me for tooting my horn a little, but when I wrote the script for Disney's CINDERELLA: SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS read-along last year, I wasn't sure if it would ever see the light of day. Walt Disney Records had produced it for another company in Canada and I couldn't find it anywhere last year.

It was a total surprise to find it at Target, in a three-book set with a compact disc. The set is actually cheaper on amazon at:

The Cinderella story is new, but the Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid stories have been previously released. Of special mention for magicmusic fans is that I named one of the characters after Francois, who often posts on this site. He used to live here in Florida and we used to talk about Disney records at NFFC meetings.

Anyway, working on the read-along was an honor and I hope you don't mind my bringing it up here, just in case anyone wants to know about it.