Cinderella?s Surprise Celebration


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I was wondering if anybody on the boards could help me out. I am looking for track 1 (the intro) of Cinderella?s Surprise Celebration at WDW. I have the live version, but there is also a very good copy if not the source copy floating around on P2P. I have tracks 2-6, but cannot get track 1.

Ex. WDW ? CSC ? 02 - Villains.mp3

If anybody can help me out, that would be great. I don?t use Newsgroups, only P2P to find those tracks that are not available on CD. Unfortunately, newsgroups are out. I will be glad to make a trade. (if needed)

*I have heard that WDW is removing the show next year to make way for the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Thank you.
Next year, Cinderella's Surprise Celebration will be going on a hiatus while WDW presents "Cinderellabration".
CSC will return...after how long?...who knows!?

And yes, it's "Cinderellabration" from Tokyo (though modified!).


Cinderellabration will be a great addition to the magic kingdom, In tokyo it is a night time show with an amazing fiber optic stage, i hope they create the same effect in orlando.. the music is pretty good I like the surprise celebration songs a bit more but again it will be a nice change.


I too have heard the Cinderellabration will be modified for WDW. Fans of the original Tokyo show will want to reserve excitement pending further details.


Could someone email me the villians section of the show. I have all the others, but I that is the only section I am missing.

They stop dreamlight at TDL because the cinderallabration is a nighttime show that uses a great fiber optic effect and they transformed the forecourt into a very cool sculpture gallery where scenes from cinderella where etched in what looked like crystal, at night the statues light up. I am guessing they will not do this at WDW which is sad and I am guessing they will not do the show at night which is even worse because they probubly will not use the fiber optics, ohwell :O( i am sure it will be good either way....