Cinderella-bration CD question


Joe, my friend... do we have the same Cinderellabration cd?

Just wondering because on my CD, track #1 is Cinderella's Royal Coronation with some dialogue from the show. Track #2 is 16 minutes of the Festival of Lights (music I remember hearing around the hub as the lights "dance" in synch with the music. Track #3 is the Royal Appearance and greeting, which in myopinion, pretty much follows the entire greeting as we hear it there at the hub.

It is a pretty decent CD. One that encompasses the whole Cinderellabration experience. I also found it interesting that it was recorded at the Sony Music Studios in London.


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Cinderellabration CD CoNfUsIoN...

Which one is it? I want to buy this cd hopefully but I'm so confused. Can someone at least give me a rating 1 - 10? How much is it ;). - The WeirdOne :D



TDLFAN is correct! I didn't have the CD with me while I first posted. I'm currently listening to it and the track listing he posted is the right one. However, it is missing some dialogue from the show. :p

As for the CD itself, when I hear it, I imagine being there at the Coronation ceremony (and I have been 5 times now). So, it deserves at least an "8" in my book. ;)