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Ok i know this is off topic but was watching frosty to night and is it me but when santa talks all i hear is welcome foolish mortals to the haunted paul frees voice is so classic.

We need a disney christmas now!

out eisner in 2005


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Heh, funny. Now that I read this, I can hear the voice in my head. I don't know what that says about me, but ah well.

yes, it's Paul Frees. He's featured in many of those Rankin/Bass productions, like Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Nestor the Long Eared Cristmas Donkey, and others.
Paul Frees(wasa'Re:christmas tv show way off topic

The great Mr.Frees also voiced Boris Badenov and other Jay Ward characters, the Pillsbury Dougboy, many Disney charaters including almost ALL of of PotC audio-animantroics and Ludvwig Von Drake--as well as a number of Disney TV show segemnts--plus even a few for Warner Bros.most notanly the Disney-esque THE INCREDIBLE MR.LIMPET (1964) with ANDY GRIFFTH star and future Disney 1970s star Don Knotts--Frees played Crusty the cranky hermit crab there.

(Not to mention --several characters in the "Make your hubby happy....with Rockenspiel" FLINSTONE episode,and at leats one other, a PINK PANTHER episode, where he talks (1965), titled PINK ICE), and as mentioned the Rankin/Bass specials, most notably Burgermeister in 1970's SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN'TO TOWN and Santa Claus in 1969's FROSTY--btw Paul also did the befuddled policeman who swallows his whistle upon realzing.."A snowman just came to life' (over his old-school walkie-talkie). "What? A SNOWM AN Came to life"...then,as mentioned, promtply swallows his whistle..... ;D)

Plus many others (also some for MGM, Lantz-such as the Beary Family--and some independtly done stuff like TIN TIN).

As noted under PAUL FREES: A DISNEYLAND EXCLUSIVE? he had, repotedly, a falling out with Disney due to their using his old vocal tracks for WDW, more so perhaps, than he'd been told about..

Sorry to hear that they had a falling out there..