Chip & Dale Rescure Rangers TV Show themes inside

I recoreded them straight off Toon Disney. They are in excellent quality.

Beginning -
Length - :59

Ending -
Length - :31

you must rename .dw to .mp3

I have recorded these also:

1 means Beginning Theme
2 means Ending Theme

Aladdin 2
Bonkers 1 & 2
Darkwing Duck 1 & 2
Duck Tales 1 & 2
Goof Troop 1 & 2
Sonic 2
Timon & Pumbaa 1

If you want me to post the others, I need at least 6 replies from 6 different people. I can't find Tale Spin on Toon Disney. Did they take the show off?

Jessica L

I think they did indeed take Tale Spin off the air. They re-did their programming a few months ago and took off some great shows - like The Wuzzles (and I only needed 6 more to have the entire series on tape! :'( ). And then they bumped Hercules down to only one episode a day on the weekends - I only need three episodes for Herc (out of 65!). Don't they understand I need my daily dose of Herc! One show a day doesn't cut it! ;)