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Hi Chernabog, welcome to the fold. Honestly, unless you liated the songs from the loop I wouldnt be able to tell you if this is what you think it is or not, but if it is about 20 songs recrded in the late 30's Id say it is a very good bet it is authentic. below Ive listed the ToT loop as I believe it to be at this point:

I Can't Get Started
Bunny Berigan-(1937) 4:48

Mood Indigo
Duke Ellington-(1936)

Red Norvo-3:12

*Uptown Blues
Jimmy Lunceford

*Deep Purple
Turner Layton-(1939)

*Jeep's Blues
Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-(1938)2:53

*Wishing (Will Make It So)
Vera Lynn-(1939) 3:13

*Jungle Drums
Sidney Bechet

*Sleepy Time Gal
Glenn Miller-2:37

*There's a House in Harlem for Sale
Henry Allen

*I'm in Another World
Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-(1938)3:00

*Delta Mood
Cootie Williams and His Rug Cutters-(1938)2:45

Fats Waller-(1939) 3:08

*When the Sun Sets Down in the South
Nobles Singers

-Alabamy Home
Gotham Stompers-(1937)

There's No Two Ways About It
Slim Gaillard-(1937)2:53

Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-(1938)2:49

*Dear Old Southland
Noble Sissle

*Jitterbug's Lullaby
Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-(1938)2:57

*We'll Meet Again
Vera Lynn-(1939) 3:19

I hope this helps!



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Thank you Mark
That was of great help. Now I know that this is the actual music.
I recognized Vera Lynn?s Wishing as number 7 and that?s was in the same order as you listed them here.
Best regards
Chernabog ;)
Hey Chernabog, can you tell me where you downloaded all the music loop of Tower of Terror? I've been looking everywhere for the whole loop. If you can't, can anyone else let me know where I might be able to download it? Thanks. 8)


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I'm sure Chernabog can answer this question for you, but I did want to add this:

There must have been a major improvement in WinMX in the latest version (3.31). After I installed it and began using it, I began to think the WinMX network was specifically for Disney enthusiasts -- everything is available there and I was able to download the *huge* ToT loop right after reading these posts. Search: Tower Terror.

If you don't have version 3.31 get it and install with defaults. I run it from 2 locations (one DSL and one behind firewall) and get the same number of hits from both.

Of course, like any other p2p, you have to be persistent both in how often you search and when you search.