Chante , C'est Noel ! New single in the park !


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The new Single has been release since a few weeks ago .

This is the track Listing :

1) Chante , C'est noel ( 04:15)
2)Chante , C'est Noel ! Kids Mix ( 04:15)
3)Chante , C'est Noel !- BrassQuintet (03:14)
4)Chante , C'est Noel !- Piano (06:19)
5)Chante , C'est Noel !-Dreamy ( 04:16)
6)La C?r?monie des Contes et Lumieres - The Enchanted Fairytale Ceremony (08:41)

my favourite is the number 6 . The Fairytale Ceremony


I agree! The Fairytale track is the best. I invite you to see my photos from both the fairy tale ceremony and "C'est Noel" parade here (just choose the DLP xmas album from the list)

I also happen to like the piano mix of "C'est Noel" very classy...especially if you are sitting next to a fireplace with someone you love...