CDs I got in Japan

They all look great, but now I wanna know what the music is like!

Can you give up descriptions of the kinds of music and what songs are featured?

LOL...sure! I promise you it will be in english. I learned a VERY few words in Japanese.
Also, I'll post some small sound samples of SOME of the tracks :)
I have some "returned home" chores I need to do but will get to them soon!

Keep an eye on this thread!


Rich T

Cool! That Mosh Pit cover is the best Disney CD art ever! And that one with Cinderella and Minnie is...creepy beyond words! Thanks for posting those!

Would love to see track lists of the park albums. Hope you had a great trip!

- Rich


Nice collection !
Interesting, that the original "DL/WDW Oficial Album" is still available in Japan, but has not been available stateside since Mickey was in his fifties!!

Rich- I definitely did!!

Frank- the Official Album was purchased a "Book Off", a chain of used movies, cds and books stores. I paid about $10 american for it. It's definitely old!
They had lots of old CDs out there but I didn't have the $$ to get 'em all! LOTS of compilation recordings that I remember seeing as records.


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So jealous of your EUROBEAT POOH cd ; I've been trying to get that one for a few years now !!! :eek:


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Those CDs look great! I could kick myself for not buying any CDs when I went to Tokyo Disneyland a few years ago. Thanks to also posting the samples.
glad ya liked 'em! ;D

I wish I knew how to create torrents, cuz then I could post some of the albums. Many of the songs are quite long (especially the remixes!).