CD on Demand-Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland Question

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Can someone tell me the original year of this album? I have similar albums from 55, 58, and 59 and am curious how this one differs. Thanks.


According to (where I purchased my copy) the "Original release date: 1968" (I'm assuming that that is a typo and should be 1958)


According to the Golden Age of Walt Disney Records:

"Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland - A Musical Tour of the Magic Kingdom"
WDL-4004 - 1956
WDL-3042 - 1959

7" version, by Land:
DEP-4004A - Main Street USA - 1956
DEP-4004B - Adventureland - 1956
DEP-4004C - Frontierland - 1956
DEP-4004D - Tomorrowland - 1956
DEP-4004E - Fantasyland - 1956

Just also wanted to throw in why this album is so significant; not only does it have Walt as narrator, but it was the first record on the Disneyland record label created entirely by Disneyland Records(thanks to R. Michael Murray's book).



The album on the kiosks, which is a reissue of WDL-4004 (1956), is primarily a music album. Walt has a minute or so of narration at the beginning of each track, then they play an orchestral suite evocative of the land in question. The only "real" Disneyland sound on it is a minute or so of the Carrousel band organ.

WDL-3042 is the 1959 reissue of WDL-4004 according to Murray. The original Disneyland 4000 series was discontinued that year due to poor sales.

ST-3901 (1957) is essentially the same material with narration by Jiminy Cricket dubbed over top of the music.

The Adventureland music appeared yet again backing up Thurl's narration of the Jungle Cruise on the Tiki Room Soundtrack LP.