Catalog Listing for MOUSE TRACKS

The new University Press of Mississippi catalog for Spring/Summer 2006 has just been printed and they are taking advance orders for MOUSE TRACKS: THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY RECORDS, if anyone would like to preorder the book or ask for the new catalog. Their number is 1-800-737-7788. According to the listing, publication is scheduled for May.
Which usually means it will begin shipping out in April, but we can't promise anything! Get those advance orders in, folks!
And in case anyone needs such info, the ISBN number for MOUSE TRACKS is 1-57806-849-5 for the softcover version and 1-57806-848-7 for the hardcover, which doesn't have the decorated front. So, if you didn't like the 1950s artwork on the cover, get the expensive hardcover edition and you won't have to look at that.
Greg and Tim,

Congratulations, and looking forward to getting my copy!

Greg, I will have it in hand for you to sign at the convention in November for sure! ;D

Thank you, DisneyFanatic, for posting the University Press site listing! I've been checking it for weeks and it's actually there now! Thanks also to everyone else for your kind, supportive words.

The book is also listed on the Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million websites, but that does not necessarily mean the stores will stock it. We hope so, of course. The stores can always special order books for you, though.

Thanks also to you, Ken, in advance for all you're going to be doing for Disney music and our book in November. Tim may not be able to appear in Seattle, but we are working on setting up book signings at Barnes & Noble, Borders and other book shops in the Central Florida area, and perhaps elsewhere in the Southeast. If you would like to know about them as soon as we do, we can post them here.

I'm also trying to see what I can set up - maybe - in the Southern California area and - perhaps - New York, but I can't be sure right now. The University Press of Mississippi is small, so they are asking us to help out in any way we can to promote the book. So if anyone reading this has any ideas or contacts to potential ways we can do this in those regions, let us know.

In a big way, MOUSE TRACKS is a tribute to everyone who love Disney records and those who have lent their talents to them. Tim and I are somewhat amazed that it's actually going to be a reality after all these years of work.
I can't wait to feast my eyes on this. I have lots of Disney albums in my collection ranging from vinyl, cassette and CD. This is the book that I would like to get. If there is any flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, Ebay, whatever you find a Disneyland LP, this would be a true collectable.