Castle Show Recordings...


Hey Disney Fans!!!

Does anyone have a recording of these stage shows? My favorite songs EVER come from castle and firework shows. I absolutely LOVE the Kids of the Kingdom type singing and harmony. I can?t tell you how much I would appreciate your help in this matter. It will just make my Christmas! : )

Best of Disney (Kids of the Kingdom)

15 Years of Magic (Kids of the Kingdom) (Castle Connection)

America the Musical (Kids of the Kingdom)

A Sparkling Christmas
(Christmas 1991)

A Sparkling Christmas Spectacular
(Christmas 1992-1998)

Ears To You ?WDW 25th Anniversary?

Disney Mania "25Th Anniversary"

Thanks so much! Have a wonderful day.


Anyone??? I can't get a reply from anyone on this site or at the alt.binaries site. I KNOW these recordings are out there!

Thanks so much!