Carousel of Progress "Alternate Universe"

X-S Tech

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In the "alternate Universe version" as it appears on the unreleased NYWF disc set, I have a couple questions. First, who did the voices. It sounds like Rex Allen and the mother are the only two actors and the rest may be scratch (or temporary) dialogue. This would make sense if the show was still in it's infant stages. Did any of the Imagineers do any of this scratch dialogue? I know X Antencio was known to step up to the mic once in a while.

Also when the little jingles come in, like the "Saturday Bath Time" song, who is singing those? It doesn't sound like it's supposed to be the Brothers, as their attitude is decidedly different from the singers. Was this song supposed to come out of a radio or something? Just curious.

And lastly who provided the Uncle Orville's voice when he's singing "the World owes me a living" in the background. You can barely make it out because Father is talking, but I know it's not Mel Blanc at this point.