"Carousel of Color" theme


A slow and very extended version appeared on "The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song" boxed set. It is very different sounding than the one used in "One Man's Dream".

I too wish to find the "peppier" version found in the film. Of course, that whole movie would be awesome. Brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.


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The version used for one man's dream is the same on that was released on the tee vee toons cd television's greatest hits black & white classics it's track 23.WALT DISNEY'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR runs 1min23sec.

hope this helps oh by the way it was written by the sherman brothers but i guess you already knew that ;D
And don't forget that the "Carousel of Color" song was performed on both the TV show and the recordings by the Wellingtons, the trio that sang the "Gilligan's Island" theme on the black & white episodes. Their Disney work predated Gilligan by a few years. They made quite a few singles and LP's for the Disneyland and Buena Vista labels in the early 1960s.
Thanks bbowling and everyone who helped! I actually HAVE that TeeVee Toons CD! I will listen to is as soon as I get home! THANK YOU!!
I know that two of them have been commercially released. There's the standard one from the show and a slower version. When I get a chance, I'll hunt them down. I think one was on a TVTunes CD ...
It was.It's the 1996 album TV'S GREATEST HITS BLACK AND WHITE YEARS.It's 1 hour of memorable TV tunes..I might even listen to my CD of it) which I bought later t