Carly Simon and Piglet's Big Movie

Let's try a music topic--I don't recall any discussion about the Piglet movie, and more specifically, Carly Simon's songs and the CD itself. What got me writing this this morning is that there is an interview with Carly today on the Newsweek website(through MSNBC), discussing the writing of the songs. I missed seeing the movie, and only caught a video of her singing one of the songs while we were in WDW in March--not bad, looked like she was possibly prancing around her estate on "the Vinyard," as they say.

Did anyone buy the CD--any opinions on the music--the anticipation is makin' me late, keepin' me wai-ai-aitin'....sorry, just had to throw that in......I always did like some of her old album covers.....

Thanks, Mike.


I've seen the video you mentioned; they play it every so often on the Disney Channel during the Playhouse Disney programming. This is the video where Carly is dancing around "in the yard." Not sure of the song's title, perhaps it is "A few Good Friends," as that is repeated in the refrain. Judging by that song alone, the music seems enjoyable and appropriate for a movie starring Piglet. However, I have not yet seen the movie, nor heard any more selections from it.

IMO, not only did Carly sound good in the video, she wasn't bad to look at it, either! ;)