Capture a Smile /Makin Memories Existence and History

Do ANY of you guys know of a Preshow for Makin' Memories / Captain EO called Capture a smile? I'm going nuts debating its existence with someone.

To keep a long story short I believe it didnt exist and
that people are confusing the name and fractured lyrics with those ofthe Makin' Memories soundtrack.

Here's the ONLY claim I've been able to find on it and it doesnt jive
with the surround history of the Magic Eye Theater according to SEVERAL claims in the argument. Furthermore I've read one other post that said it played along with Captain EO which was introduced in 1986 and would not jive with the below statement.

I'd REALLY appreciate some help on this. It sounds like they're just confusing the extended lyrics of Makin' Memories...since the lyrics they provide simply state it SOUNDS SOMETHING LIKE what was provided.

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I simply cannot find a listing to the lyrics for the "Magic Journeys" 3D Epcot pre-show at Journey into Imagination (early 1980's, before *Captain* *Eo* was there).

The pre-show, sponsored by Kodak, was named "*Capture* a *Smile".* The other preshow "Making Memories" music IS available from the Disney
albums of that time (already have it.)

But I CANNOT find the "*Capture* a *Smile"* music or lyrics at all. I've Googled/searched the web/etc... no luck.

Can anyone give me a hand? The song was funny, and was accompanied by a video/slideshow. Part of the lyrics went something like this:

*Capture* a *smile
* say "cheese"
a little laughter if you please
turn a big from upside down,
you know it's easy

*Smile!* Cheese! Making Memories!
Every time you *capture* a *smile....*
It must be in the same vault along with the elusive Captain EO pre-show music. Honestly I don't remember anything like that from EO and I went several times, and even the first summer if I remember correctly.

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Although my memory on this preshow is vague, I do remember another preshow in between "Makin' Memories" and "True Colors." I'm not sure if it was officially called "Capture a Smile," but this name, and the lyrics you've provided, seem to make some sense to me that they might have been attibutable to this preshow.

What I find so memorable about this show was how dissapointed I was to see it replace "Makin' Memories." I can't recall when the switch took place exactly, but I'm guessing it was in the mid-90's.

"Capture a Smile (or whatever this version was actually called) featured, in its storyline, a professional photographer who was having a lot of difficulty getting a particular child to smile for the camera, and there was a dialogue between the two of them through the majority of the preshow. As I recall, it began with the kid being adamant about not wanting to smile for his picture, but finally giving in at the end. In between, the preshow drew on a lot of footage and stills previously seen in the Makin Memories show. The music for "Capture" wasn't as fun as "Memories" (in my opinion).

I may be off of some of the details, and there's probably others on this board who can provide more to this, but that's my memory of it.

Hope it helped! :-

- Mike


What dtats mentioned sounds about the same as what I remember, especially the part about the photographer trying to get the kid to smile. And I do remember it being in between "Makin' Memories" and "True Colors". So I can back him up on that as well.

And yes, it sure wasn't as good as "Makin' Memories".
I feel like I'm caught in the mental vortex. I have NO recollection of ANY of this. But at least 2 of you (finally in all my research) have matching stories. This one is going to be a toughy.

Time to give The archives a buzz...

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I do I do I do! Here's the video!

Now the only question is WHO WROTE THE SONG? My guess is Larry Grossman and Buz Kohan, judging from the many theme park specials they wrote songs for that have that same structure/style.