Cape May Cafe Music


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I'd love to find out what plays here, I remember sitting in the restaurant and hearing something specific that rang a bell, but I haven't the slightest clue what it was.
FYI… After having breakfast at Cape May the other morning, I was looking through threads here for information on the restaurant loop.

At the buffet area, it seems that the 2-hour Yacht & Beach “guitar” loop was playing that’s heard around the rest of the resort. At my table, just around the corner from the buffet, there was clearly a different loop.

I recognized at least one track from this album: “Autumn Leaves” - Colors of the Land. This album is on Spotify with different artwork. It looks like the original release is dated 1990 (the same year these resorts first opened). At least a few tracks from this same album are used on the Yacht & Beach buses when returning to the resort.

In addition, most of what I heard had a Wind in the Rigging sound and style. Due to the noise and low level, I couldn’t find a good spot to verify. However, I believe tracks from this album are also heard over at Columbia Harbour House at the Magic Kingdom. Plus, it’s release date of 1988 fits the 1990 opening of this resort as well…