Candlelight Processional


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Can anyone help me?

I would like to purchase a CD of the Candlelight Processional. Five years ago we visited Epcot. At that time I purchased a CD of the Candlelight Processional. It soon became my favorite Christmas CD. Unfortunately it has been lost and I would like to replace it, any year's version will do although 1997 would be best. Is this possible?



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Hi Elliott-

The first candlelight processional CD was released in 1997 and was narrated by Louis Gossett Jr. In 2000, they released the CP narrated by Felicia Rashad.

The 2000 version is still readily available from WDW Mail Order. If you'd like to get one on the secondary market, both versions are often available on eBay. Right now, the 2000 version is up:;item=933951582

Hope that helps and Happy New Year!