Can You Name This LP?

Rich T

Hi, everyone.

I asked this a long time ago, and - sorry - I need to ask again. ;D I'm trying to track down a particular Disney album from my childhood way back in the early 60's. It was themed around Disneyland and featured non-soundtrack vocal recordings of these songs (plus more I'm sure I've forgotten)

The Apple Song (from Johnny Appleseed)
Sons of Liberty
Alice in Wonderland
I'm Late
How D'you Do & Shake Hands
The Unbirthday Song
The Work Song

In addition, it had awesome theme songs (with lyrics) for Frontierland and Tomorrowland, which I've never heard since.

Jiminy Cricket hosted at least some of the album.

Ring any bells? I sure appreciate your help! Thanks!

- Rich


Well, it sounds like an LP from Golden Records. All the songs you mentioned were released on Golden Records in the 1950's, including the Frontierland and Tomorrowland songs, and Cliff Edwards as Jiminy Cricket did narrate on some of these songs when they were released as a box set in 1955. My guess is that it was #198:2 ("Walt Disney's Song Parade from Disneyland") which was released in 1957, or its rerelease later on as GLP-2, probably in the early 60's, like you thought. I don't think I have these LP's but I'll check just in case.


Yes, the album is Walt Disney's Song Parade, from Golden Records, 1957. It featured the Mitch Miller and the Sandpipers Orchestra, vocals by Cliff Edwards, Anne Lloyd, Mike Stewart, Dick Byron, Art Carney, and the "original voices of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck & Goofy."
I have a very good copy of this recording. If you want IM me and I can send you some MP3s.


I'm a new release, not a rerelease. I had been monitoring this board for some time but registered only fairly recently. I have been a Disney music collector for many years and I have a fairly decent sized collection, vinyl and CD's, mostly the former. Of course I also read and save any articles or books about the subject and I retain most of it in my memory banks.
Joseph: Your mission, whether or not you choose to accept it, is to read MOUSE TRACKS: THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY RECORDS and commit the whole thing to memory, so that when questions come up in these discussions, you can immediately answer them and Greg Ehrbar and I won't have to go digging through our notes trying to find the correct info. Now we can sit back and take it eeeeeeeeasy.


Mr. Hollis, I'll accept that mission. I'm always happy to help. Of course I have already read MOUSE TRACKS. I think I preordered it a year ago! I have been waiting for a book like yours for years. I wasn't too hopeful that the Disney company would release such a book. I was very pleased with it. It's awesome.