Can I get some help ID'ing these tracks?


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Hey guys. I just found a flood of tracks that are Disney related by I've never heard of most of them. I'm trying to tag these tracks for easier navigation through Winamp and my iPod. Any help on these is appreciated.

These tracks were part of a Tomorrowland Flood that I downloaded some time ago. I'm just mainly looking for what park they were primarily played in, a possible time frame, and whatever else I can get. Here is the list:

Air Giant (2:08)
Ave (5:04)
Best of Both Worlds (4:46)
Bordeaux (6:28)
Dancing With The Lions (4:00)
Dial Out (5:23)
Fairy Doll (3:28)
Grossenhosen (3:37)
Homeward Bound (4:23)
La Femme D'Argent (7:11)
Magic Bullet (1:55)
maybe (7:17)
Moon Dance (4:11)
Motion of Stars 4:19)
Music To Watch The Girls Go By (2:50)
Never Cry Wolf (24:02) (not a typo)
New Tomorrowland (2:18)
Nude on the Moon (3:54)
Personality (4:30)
Philosopher (4:08)
Plateau (13:18) (not a typo)
Rush Hour (4:43)
Sky Juice (4:48)
Sleepwalk (4:36)
Unusual Climate (4:30)
Valley in the Clouds (3:38)
Wanderer (3:48)
Will & Penny's Theme (3:20)
Will and Penny were characters on TV's "Lost in Space"....maybe that song is somehow related to the show or a wink of the eye as a homage?

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I know Will and Penny's theme was used in a Tomorrowland loop for Tokyo Disneyland. Not sure if it's the current one- I think it's older. And it was extremely long, I wanna say 115 minutes or so. Anyway not sure but maybe that will give you some place to start.