Can anyone identify this music?

Someone posted this question on a newsgroup Does anybody know what it is? Sounds like Nightmare before Christmas music to me but I have no clue

"During the current crop of commercials for Walt Disney World, there's a song playing that I know is from a movie, but I can't identify it...

I've looked all over the net, and nada...

Here's the link to the commercials..

click on Play Commercials
select either "Fireworks" or "Firefly"

Actually...there's a snippet playing when the page loads too.."

X-S Tech

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It sounds very much like Danny Elfman's Scissorhands but it's not. I would doubt that it's not original. Perhaps it's just labeled that way because it sounds sou much like his stuff.


There's a whole subgenre of composers that are employed solely to emulate the style of better known composers and even to mimic specific film scores just short of blatantly ripping them off, for rights issues, obviously. They are most often used to score movie trailers, but I guess their work also turns up in TV commercials. Danny Elfman is a frequent victim of this mockery. This could be another example, but I can't say for sure.


Forget the MUSIC, that Magic Wand is awfully fun to play with :D !

Actually, I know Danny Elfmans music fairly well from that period and that isnt from anything previous...its very VERY Edward Scissorhands...very much the theme and the a little of the snow dance, but I think that if he wrote this it was for the commercial itself.

Who knows, maybe he is under contract after Haunted Mansion Holiday.