Camarata Conducts Fiddler on the Roof??

I was at a thrift store today and while searching for Holiday albums, I came across this. The "camarata" caught my eye and as I examined the record for scratches I saw it was a Disneyland Record! (STER-1339 copyright 1971).

So for $0.69 I snatched it up. It has been "listened to", most defnitely, but the overall quality is good with no skips (yet)!



Just thought I would share this odd little treasure!



Not to argue with the bargain part, but that album is very "optimistically" priced on that website, even for a sealed copy that they'll convert to CD for you.


Hey, SpectroPluto!

Ain't that a FIRESTONE Xmas album "hidding" right behing that Fiddler Disneyland Record???? :D

Could it be the one with Julie Andrews, Vic Damone, Young Americans and orchestra conducted by the one and only Irwin Kostal? (or one in the same collection, of course!)

Good tastes, I say!
wow! you have good eyes! and YES it is ;-)

I have the Firestone vol. 4, 5 and 6. We will be framing them as part of holiday decoration. I also got them for $0.69 each.

I have seen those records in album bins in thrift stores all over the place. Now I just need to find vol. 1-3!

Happy Holidays and don't forget:

A Charlie Brown Christmas will be on ABC TV this coming Tuesday, December 7th at 8pm!!