Buddy Baker Musical Tribute


Thought I should give you the link to a report just released today on Laughing Place covering

USC Thornton School of Music presents
A Musical Tribute to Buddy Baker: Songs, Stories and Memories
Sunday, September 28, 2003, 3:00pm
University of Southern California
Bing Theater

It can be found at: http://www.laughingplace.com/News-ID507520.asp

And gives a great detailed overview of the whole event including some nice stories about one of the great men of the Disney Music world who will be greatly missed.

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More Coverage of the Buddy Baker Musical Tribute

... Mouseplanet has added some coverage of the Tribute on their own and from what they describe the exhibition would be well worth a visit. See http://www.mouseplanet.com/architects/am031001sh.htm

Maybe the USC could produce a special memorial recording with their orchestra and chorus of material by Buddy Baker? This way all music fans could get more of his great stuff legally for their collection and the USC could get some money for their institutions and artistic credit for their students. The companies like Disney holding the rights for the material could forfeit the license fees to the university which in turn could confirm that they made a contribution to the university worth the "license fee" which would be tax deductible, so even the companies would gain something!



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I think it was hard enough to get performance rights out of Disney just for the show.

It would be nice, though. It was fascinating to hear "Golden Dreams" with a single guitar and one voice. Shows how much like a folk song it can be.

The GGG performance was very cool, too, but I thought the mix was off and that it was harder than it should have been to hear the choir. Beautiful arrangement, though, by the master himself. :)