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Dr. Know

First the good news:
Bruce Broughton's new website has just gone 'live' (, and it features a selection of new soundclips, including three clips from the upcoming direct-to-video Three Musketeers.

Now the bad news:
Absolutely NO selections from any of his Disney park music available on the site.

Thanks Jim--my son, in particular, is a big Bruce Broughton fan; we heard about his scoring The Three Musketeers, but not much beyond that--we'll check out the site(wish they'd get his Young Sherlock Holmes score back out on CD.......).


Dr. Know

On another board, someone reported that he contacted Broughton's publicist and was told that Disney has no plans to release a soundtrack cd for The Three Musketeers. :(

Randy, we're counting on you to get more of BB's music onto future OAs! Its tough to be a Broughton fan.
Darn, just because it's "straight-to-video" it's not worthy of a soundtrack release?

It is true, for as much as Bruce's music is enjoyed by us, there's not alot out there currently; it's not Disney, but have you heard his track on the Tales From the Crypt CD compilation(which should still be available)? My son's listened to that CD countless times over the past several years.


Dr. Know

Funny you should mention that. Although I am a Bruce Broughton completist, I couldn't stand that Tales from the Crypt cd, and eventually dumped it on ebay.

Different strokes, I guess.

As for the direct-to-video-doesn't-warrant-a-cd-release... there have been a number of examples of cd soundtracks for Disney's direct to video crap, notably Return to Neverland, which featured a wonderful Joel McNeely score.

Yeah, that's funny about Tales From the Crypt--but not funny about you forgetting that Return to Neverland was a "blockbuster" that was actually released to the big screen first--sorry about that!

Little Mermaid II and Lion King II, which were direct-to-video, had soundtrack releases--and actually, I do like the Lion King II release(songs, no score), especially with Suzanne Pleshette's deliciously evil villain song.

Oh, and Aladdin and the King of Thieves was a CD release(also with some songs from The Return of Jafar)--c'mon Walt Disney Records, show some respect for Mr. Broughton's efforts and give us his score!


Dr. Know

I think the difference between THE THREE MUSKETEERS and the other titles you mentioned is that I'm assuming MUSKETEERS doesn't have songs, and since Disney is all about what the masses want, that makes it a much less attractive prospect for release on cd.

Too bad Mr. Broughton isn't more interested in releasing promotional cds of his Disney scores.

You're absolutely right about the songs vs. score releases(except the Aladdin and the King of Thieves CD does have 9 tracks of score)--and yet why did the WDC release score only CD's for The Parent Trap(Alan Silvestri) and The Princess Diaries(John Debney), after the usual releases of "inspirational" songs for both films? Wonder what's going on in those instances--apparently it can be done!


Dr. Know

OK, here's the BAD news.

Walt Disney Records is apparently releasing a soundtrack cd for Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (cat. 61160-7) with the following track listing:

1.?"All for One and One for All" - Troubadour and Musketeer Chorus 1:26

2.?"Love So Lovely" - Troubadour and The "Lovely" Chorus 2:13

3.?"Petey's King of France' - Peg Leg Pete 1:03

4.?"Sweet Wings of Love" - Troubadour and Butterfly Chorus 2:12

5.?"Chains of Love" - Goofy, Clarabelle, and Cow Chorus 1:43

6.?"This Is The End" - Troubadour and Chorus 1:10

7.? "L'Opera" (Excerpts from The Pirates of Penzance) - Modern Major General and Chorus of Pirates and Maidens 3:48

8.?"Three Is a Magic Number" - Stevie Brock, Greg Raposo, and Matthew Ballinger 3:27

Total Time: 17:02

NO score by Bruce Broughton. Breathtaking.

Thanks for the disappointing update, Jim--geez, not even a brief suite track!

Just have to get my own Broughton music during this month's trip to WDW.....



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> 8. "Three Is a Magic Number" - Stevie Brock,
> Greg Raposo, and Matthew Ballinger 3:27

Please don't tell me this is a blaspherous rendition of the "Schoolhouse Rock" classic.