Bruce Broughton's Eloise at Christmastime

Dr. Know

Bruce Broughton has penned another delightful score for Eloise at Christmastime, now out on dvd. Between the menus and the titles, there is approximately 2 1/2 minutes of unadulterated music on the dvd. Broughton is also interviewed, briefly, as part of the "Making of" featurette. Why on earth won't Disney properly release any of Broughton's Emmy-award winning music for the Eloise film?

Very frustrating!

By the way, there is a short clip from the main title on Bruce Broughton's website --

Jim, thanks also for the continued Bruce updates......which also reminds me that one of my first post-holiday recording sessions has to be transferring Timekeeper and Universe of Energy onto CD-R, recordings from our AUGUST trip! I'm definitely in holiday overload right now......



I can only recommend the Eloise at Christmastime feature - I really had a lot of fun watching it here on the German Disney Channel a few weeks ago.

Gavin Creel is returning in his part as Bill and his giving some great song performances. On his fan site there are rumors he would be working on a solo CD to be released next year - hopefully this is true.

About a potential Disney CD release: would that be possible? As far as I remember it is aired / presented by Disney but is not a Disney production, so do they actually have the rights?