Brother Bear Track Listing

Dr. Know

1. Great Spirits - Tina Turner
2. Transformation - The Bulgarian Women's Choir
3. Welcome - The Blind Boys Of Alabama Featuring Phil Collins, Oren Waters
4. On My Way - Phil Collins
5. No Way Out (Theme) - Phil Collins
6. Look Through My Eyes - Phil Collins
7. Transformation (Phil Collins Version) - Phil Collins
8. Welcome (Phil Collins Version) - Phil Collins
9. No Way Out (Theme) (Phil Collins Version) - Phil Collins
10. Three Brothers - score
11. Wakes As A Bear - score
12. Wilderness Of Danger And Beauty - score

Release date 10/21

Dang! Only three tracks of Mark Mancina's score...
Thanks, Dr.! It is unfortunate that, like the Lilo and Stitch CD, minimal score is represented, which I think is disrespectful to the composer and to those of us who truly enjoy the music; would it be too much of a financial risk to the Walt Disney Company to simply release a separate CD of the score(in recent memory, they did that for Princess Diaries, John Debney's score).

Ah, Grizzly, you harken back to a favorite topic of mine, covered in a thread some time back--I'd LOVE to hear the characters sing again, but it looks as though Phil will be doing the singing, as he did in Tarzan(Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas doing a number--that could've been good!).


Dr. Know

Probably the best we can hope for is a composer/agency promo of the score... fortunately, there is a good track record for those (Mulan, Tarzan, Atlantis, Dinosaur, etc.).

Dr. Know

Composer or agency promos are sometimes "For Your Consideration" (ie, Oscar promos), and sometimes just put out by a composer to publicize himself. If you go to John Debney's website, for instance, you will see a whole section of composer-issued promos. These are strictly non-commercial releases, and available only to industry insiders, but they do leak out, and many are available from specialty soundtrack retailers (like Intrada, Screen Archives Entertainment, Footlight Records).