Brother Bear score promo CD by Mark Mancina and Phil Collins


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I hope you don't mind me letting you know that I have a very interesting Disney CD up for auction on ebay. This CD contains essentially the complete orchestral score for Disney's Brother Bear, composed by Mark Mancina (who also composed the score to Tarzan among many other movies) and Phil Collins. As you recall from the movie, this score contains many exciting and moving parts. Only a small fraction of this score was represented on the retail CD, which mostly consisted of the vocal songs from the movie.

For those interested, please click on the link below:

Dr. Know

There have been a number of copies of this on ebay going for insane prices. What a shame that more of the score couldn't have been included on the commercial release. :(
Agreed there. The Phil Collins music is the onyl bad part of the movie, IMHO and the music I really DO enjoiy is pretty much out of reach.

Disney: release the orchestral soundtrack for those of us who like it. One example of a movie that has 2 such soundtracks released is Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows. There are the rock song and the orchestral soundtracks available.

Now, to find the orchestral score for Milk Money.....


Not a bad haul! This CD ended up selling for $222.50 (That's about $200 more than I would pay for any CD!!) ;)


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Some people are more willing to pay for something than others. Depends on how important it is to them, how much expendable cash they have, etc. My husband has an aunt and uncle who spent 25% more on their antique bed than we spent for our whole HOUSE. Honest!



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Not so much hating to see my house (we paid $200K) should WANT to see THEIR house! Family of is so big they have to use intercoms to hear each other, from end to end. HONEST!

$250K for a bed. Wow.



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This is probably a rather silly idea, but it's too bad there aren't more of us here. I mean, if there were 100 of us die-hard Disney music freaks, we could each chip in, like, $2 -- something that wouldn't break anyone's bank ;) -- into a PayPal account or something, and go BID on one of these freakin' discs (either Brother Bear or Haunted Mansion)! Then, one person could make copies for everyone else, and we could, say, throw everyone's name into a hat and a random person would get to keep the original.
That way, we'd ALL get the music we're dying to hear. Sadly, I don't think there are 100 of us. :(