Breaking News on the New Disneyland 6 CD Set


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Mouseplanets discussion board user had heard a 10 min. clipping of the cd, and this is what she supposedly heard
Walt Disney's opening day dedication
DLRR spiel
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
Ragtime music
"Let's Dance at Disneyland" (From Date Night at Disneyland)
Tiki Room attraction narration and music
Jungle Cruise sounds
Tarzan Treehouse attraction music
Mark Twain narration
Pirates of the Caribbean attraction music
Feed the Birds (instrumental)
Morse code from NOS RR station
Dixieland music
Haunted Mansion attraction music
Roofus sleeping
Banjo area music
Country Bear Jamboree
Splash Mountain attraction music
Country Bear Vacation Hoedown
Pooh (instrumental)
Rainbow Caverns
Big Thunder
Golden Horseshoe (Overture: Hello Everybody)
Proud Columbia Spiel
Once Upon a Dream/Carrousel loop
Peter Pan attraction music
Mr. Toad attraction music
Matterhorn safety spiel and attraction music
"it's a small world"
Toontown sounds
Roger Rabbit attraction music
Adventures in Inner Space attraction narration and music
Miracles from Molecules
Star Tours attraction narration and music
Carrousel of Progress attraction narration and music
People Mover attraction narration and music
Rocket to the Moon attraction narration and music
America Sings attraction narration and music
Submarine Voyage attraction narration and music
Space Mountain (Dick Dale)
Tomorrowland area music
Remember... narration with Julie Andrews
Country Bear Christmas show
IASW holiday attraction music
Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction narration and music
Main Street Electrical Parade
Fantasmic! (Some Imagination, huh?)
Disneyland closing announcement (Disneyland has now ended it's operating day)


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The 10-minute "teaser" CD was sent to MousePlanet as part of a media kit, along with the press release announcing the 6 CD set.

Since the CD was sent to our Home Theater columnist, and not the MousePlanet office, I asked the wife of that columnist it to listen to it and send me a list of the clips. Obviously these are pretty short clips, but she did the best she could to identify them.

The publicist at Walt Disney Records said that they know that everyone is anxiously awaiting the official track listing, and that it will be out "soon." In the interim, I told her that we would post what we could from the CD they sent.

Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix


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Since my post from MousePlanet was copied here without the caveat and disclaimer, I should probably add that too:

THIS DOES NOT mean that all of these tracks will be in the set, or that all of the clips were identified correctly, only that these tracks were on the teaser CD.


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AVP does that mean that these are all the songs in the set or just a select few in the 10 min. span, i mean will they have the parades like Hercules, Totally Minnie, Party Gras, Mulan, that sort of thing?
I hope their is more music than that, although i love what i am seeing.
One more question, is it the Jack Warner narration that the old Disneyland Forever Cd making machines had or is it brand new state of the art restoration?


Interesting "Submarine Voyage attraction narration and music"?

The Submarine Voyage didnt HAVE any elast not the later version.....but from what Ive heard the earlier version did :) Hmmmm...


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Hmmm....very interesting. I wonder if that promo CD will pop up anywhere for sale? I'd like to get that too.

What was listed, does sound like an awful lot to cram into a 10 minute CD, but if Disneyland Paris can do it, then I suppose it's possible...maybe they were all 30 second clips or something?

Anyway, we're all eagerly awaiting the official track listing.


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Folks, seriously, I haven't heard the CD myself, and the person who listened to it was unsure about a number of the tracks. We'll probably have the official track listing before I can get my hands on the CD to listen to it myself.

Ben C, they were apparently all 10-40 second clips, on one track.

s8ntmark, "music" may have been my error - the original list I received just said "Subs." I tried to clarify by phone later what each listing meant, and I may have misunderstood that one to have music where it did not.

Titanfreak46, again, we have no idea what is in the set. The list I posted is what was on the 10-minute teaser CD sent with the press release. Whether it all appears in the boxed set is speculation. And I haven't heard the CD, so I can't tell you if it's the Jack Wagner narration.

Honestly folks, I posted this over on our boards in response to a question from one of our members. I also sent that person over here for more news and speculation from the people who know more about this stuff than I do. I certainly do not want to represent this as the "official" track listing.



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Thanks, we understand, we're just overly excited. Don't worry about our over anylizing the sampler CD. It's just nice to hear even a suggestion of what's on the set. So, Mrs. Krock just did the best she could, and I appreciate that. It's only a matter of time before the full track listing comes out anyway.

As for the length and format of the CD, yeah, that seems to be the standard audio press kit. Still, I want to get my hands on one someday.


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