Booh-booh from Cd on Demand!TRICK instead of treat!!


I guess it might be a good thing that the Cd on Demand system at Disneyland is now down!

I have received 4 cds today (NOT through Disney though but... would it be that different?!) with one being The Story of the Jungle Book;

it's the Jungle Book all right (I mean, the artwork for the jewel case and the label on cd etc...) except that the soundtrack is that of AMERICA SINGS which I already have!!

It's a booh-booh for this coming Halloween! :D

I guess I'll play my "old" Lp version of it to get my fix!!

Well, I'm not complaining! There are worst issues and, out the 28 cds on demand I have it is the first - and last!- mistake!
It's just frustrating... and an expensive "waste" (25 bucks!)

Is anyone interested in a one-of-a-kind Jungle Book/America Sings item? ;D