Any first hand reports concerning WDW's HM refurb; specifically, new or improved audio?



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It's incredible. The quality of the audio is MUCH improved. The stretch room has some new audio effects (creaking noise, sound of bats, etc...). The voice of the Ghost Host travels all around the room. The narration and all sound effects are much louder than before.

Each doombuggy has three speakers (L, R, Center) and the Ghost Narration also moves in and out of each speaker, making interesting induction recordings. There may be two sentences of additonal dialog, one as you exit the stretch room and the other as you exit the doombuggy, but I haven't confirmed this against a live recording of the previous version.

I am usually not a fan of rehabs, but this is by far the best that I have seen. In fact, I would say the new version of the HM is better than the original (imo).


They also changed a couple of the graveyard ghosts such as the opera singer and executioner with new voice recordings, likely for audio quality reasons.. But it seems kind of random for them to do that. The originals still sound fine in california anyways. =P
Excellent news. I am headed down in November and wanted to prepare accordingly. Thanks!
I was wondering if the bride/attic scene would be changed to what is in Disneyland now--has anyone seen that version? It doesn't sound like that was one of the changes made.....I was hoping...

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That change was made :p It's mostly the same as disneyland's attic but the bride is a little different. While I like the new movements of wdw's bride I like how ours looks more heh. Something about wdw's neck and face seems off to me.
I thought that the Disneyland version didn't have an actual 3D figure anymore, that there was some kind of projected image...maybe I'm wrong(my information is from Scary Monsters magazine, which is home right now, so I can't double-check it).

Also...I was just over on, and found this great news(which maybe you all knew...). You can download an mp3 file for 99 cents of Haunted Mansion-Disneyland's "Black Widow Bride" Kat Cressida's recording of "Nuptial Doom: The Bride in the Attic," a history of the Haunted Mansion.....sounds great--has anyone done it yet--I can't wait to get home in the morning to give it a go!!! I don't know if it's what she says in the attraction or a different narration.

The link:

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The 99 cent version is Ms Kressida reading a story about how the bride came to be in the attic. Interesting and well done, though of course unofficial.
According to the site, the sound effects used are courtesy of Walt Disney Records, from the new digital mster of the original sounds of the Haunted Mansion--look like there was some "official" tip of the hat by the folks at "Disney".

Is Kat Cressida's voice now heard at the WDW version?