Block Party Bash soundtrack?

I just saw this parade/show on Sunday... absouloutly a crowd pleaser. especially with the kids...

And cast is just so full of energy that it's refreshing to see. I know some people hate this show, but I think this is exactly what disney needed to pull the crowds back into DCA.

Big Al

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Looking forward to Disneyland? Looking Back at DCA? Personally, I think the Block Party Bash track is sort of rotten. The holy grail for me of DCA music is Soarin'.


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Hey, I kind of like BPB!

So, back to the original question - is there a CD or recording of it?


P.s. I'm going again tonight. Good fun!


So far unfortunately there hasn't been an official release - something I really regret, as I loved the parade! In my mind it is a great concept especially since it gets the guests involved and fits the old "hipness"-concept of the first years of DCA while retaining a strong connection to what guests want - Disney characters.

Actually I wonder why they do not use the Block Party Bash as a synergy opportunity. The soundtrack consists of quite a few classic rock / pop / party hits some of which are actually released on the Radio Disney "Move It" CD. Soooo ... what about doing either a Radio Disney "Move It 2" release or a re-release of the original CD and throw in the BPB-soundtrack as a bonus? That way it would be available in record shops all over the US and would hype DCA to the Radio Disney audience (children who eagerly could push their parents to book a trip). Also you could get Radio Disney involved in the actual parade advertising the station to DCA's guests.