Blizzard Beach Music

Hey everyone,

Back in July of 2003, I posted a question about Blizzard Beach water park music loops. Several responses were posted, including a complete list of the music as it is heard in the theme park.

Since then, I've been bogged down with work in grad school (I'm a second-year master's candidate at Bowling Green in Ohio) and I just now re-located this forum.

I'm trying to get copies of this music. One of the posters from this forum volunteered to share the Blizzard Beach music with me, but I haven't heard from him since September.

I am willing to try almost any method to acquire the songs from this list. If any of you have any advice, give me a holler! Thanks!

WDWCP Fall 1995
*Blizzard Beach Lifeguard Host
*Disney Village Marketplace 1995 "Tropicolidays" Entertainment Staff