Bistro de Paris BGM question


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In a different topic, Club 33 mentioned finding the source for the Bistro de Paris BGM:

The entire Bistro de Paris music loop, based on the loop I have (which I do not know the source or accuracy of) comes from one CD, albeit in a different order, which is The Music of France by The Paris Musette.

Does anyone know if these tracks are indeed accurate and played at Bistro de Paris? I believe the track versions I have originated from Utilidors Audio Broadcasting.

Are these tracks used anywhere else in the France pavilion?

From what I can tell, all of the tracks are not currently available on a single CD; I have found two CDs, both with the title "Music of France" and both by "The Paris Musette." From these two CDs, one could obtain the entire set of tracks, of which I believe there are 17.

As always, any information is appreciated.