Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Area Music


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Loop runs 20:45

The previous loop ran 19:09 (same as the current loop used in Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad)

The loop plays outside of the queue entrance, in the main queue, and as you exit the attraction. Recently, on a few occasions, I noticed the Frontierland area music loop being played instead. This has only been temporary, as the normal loop is being used currently.

There have been two loops since the attraction opened in 1980. The only difference between the two was the addition of There's No Place (Like Home). Of the 14 tracks in the loop, only 5 were released on WDWF. The remaining tracks that were released on the WDWF system are not specific to WDW.

01 - West of the Wide Missouri **
02 - All Aboard the Mine Train **
03 - California Gold **
04 - Rock Candy Mountain (Piano)
05 - Saloon Willy (Piano)
06 - Old Yeller
07 - Pecos Bill (DLF)
08 - Old Betsy (WDWF)
09 - Tavern in the Town (Piano)
10 - Roamin' the Lawless West (WDWF)
11 - Buffalo Gals (WDWF)
12 - Rock Candy Mountain (WDWF)
13 - Hand Me Down My Walking Cane (Piano)
14 - There's No Place (Like Home) (Piano)

** Released on the Tokyo Disneyland "Treasures of Fantasy" CD set (Disc 3 - Westernland BGM, Tracks 25 - 27)

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