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This was very much a work in progress and has been completed.
The listing was provided by another (thank you) as has a copy of the loop by someone else (again, thank you) and a live recording (May 2009) by @needmagic, as mine (another live recording) still had a few gaps in it (difficult place to obtain a full reference recording due to the narrowness of the pathways and the large number of static CMs so it was a case of patching partial recordings together ).

The listing agreed with the loops I have apart from missing out the final track (Old Dan Tucker) and a live reference recording can be taken as the definitive version (you can't reconstruct a live recording). There are 33 tracks and not 32 as thought (DML only lists 29).

This loop is now complete and has, as I say, been compared to a live recording of the full loop and an induction recording and confirmed as correct (which also confirms the induction one as correct as well - always nice to know).
The loop differs in several aspects from that listed on Disneymusicloops (DML) so, for clarity, I have shown where these differ/are missing.
Whether they are inaccuracies/changes over the years on their listing or just misidentified, I cannot say.
I can say that this listing is what was playing in May 2009.
Some tracks are also found playing in the Garden Grill area music at WDW and some are included in WDWF .
On a site that lists tunes from the Parks and which has been discussed in the forums, they give the first few tracks as being available from iTunes and provide links to buy them. Unfortunately, they are NOT the versions from this loop although the tune titles are the same.

It's also worth noting that a recording in general circulation running 54:54 misses out track 24 (Bile them Cabbage down) altogether (although not obvious as it's well edited) - (the 59 minute ones seem accurate though).
The loop has been running with that track since 1992 and it's still there in 2009.
Shows how valuable live recordings are! ;)
The loop should run for the time shown below (the addition of the missing track makes it do so).

Run time approx 59:44

1/ West of the Wild Missouri

2/ All Aboard the Mine Train

3/ California Gold

4/ A Cowboy Needs a Horse

5/ Dry Gulch Cowboy

6/ Bang Goes Old Betsy (version 1)

7/ Ti Yi Yo

8/ Apple Dumpling Gang Theme

9/ Buffalo Gals (listed asPecos Bill on DML)

10/ Wabash Cannonball (version 1) (missing on DML)

11/ Savage Sam and Me

12/Ridin' Home to Wyoming

13/Boy Girl Theme

14/Bullwhip Griffin

15/ The Saga of Andy Burnett

16/ Old Yeller

17/ Pecos Bill (version 2 on DML)

18/ Roamin' The Lawless West

19/ On Top of Old Smokey

20/ Bang Goes Old Betsy (Version 2)

21/ Red River Valley (version 1)

22/ Polly Wolly Doodle

23/ Home on the Range

24/ Bile 'em Cabbage Down (missing on DML)

25/ Bearless Love (CBJ) (missing on DML)

26/ Wabash Canonball (version 2)

27/ Big Rock Mountain Candy

28/ Red River Valley (version 2)

29/ Way Down Upon the Swanee River

30/ I Gave My Gal a Cherry

31/ Turkey in the Straw

32/ Oh Susannah

33/ Old Dan Tucker